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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My new policy for use of this blog...

Well, I just managed to clarify to myself several principles that I'm going to follow for using this blog. Those are, in no particular order:
  • I'm going to use this blog as a diary. This means that I'm going to start to write many posts of which majority wouldn't be published for a long period of time. The rule for when some post will be published is simple when it's good enough.
  • In Croatian will be written posts in which I'm writing about something that already has many posts in English or that are only of interest to people living in Croatia (and surrounding countries). The reason for writing in Croatian is that not everyone speaks/reads English, and besides, it is good to emphasize Croatian terminology now and cá cược thể thao bet365_cách nạp tiền vào bet365_ đăng ký bet365n.
  • In English I'm going to write something that I deem of wide enough interest, that writing it in Croatian would severely restrict it's reach.
And, I'll try to write an abstract in front of every post in opposite language, i.e. in English when post is in Croatian and vice versa.

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