Thursday, January 18, 2007

Security Responsibilities

It's been several years since I had operational responsibility for a single organization's network security operations. As a consultant I find myself helping many different customers, but I maintain continuous monitoring operations for only a few. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to step back into a serious security role at a single organization. Are any of you looking for someone with my background (.pdf)? If yes, please feel free to email taosecurity [at] gmail [dot] com. Thank you.


Clint Laskowski said...

Richard, are you suggesting you'd like to step into a security role at a single organization as a consultant or as an employee? Surely you know many security consultants read your blog, we are now wondering, is Richard making it? And, if he isn't making it (a success), how can we hope to? And what would happen to his blog if he worked for someone else?

Richard Bejtlich said...

Hi Clint,

Right now I'm teaching at a client site in Ottawa. This company has a real NSM operation that's detecting and responding to intrusions. Seeing this company made me remember what it was like to do that sort of work for a single organization and to see that organization grow and be protected.

As far as "making it," I've been an independent consultant since June 2005. I have a family of four and I'm earning more on my own than I did as a corporate employee. However, I'm always interested in cool work, and less interested in my status while doing it!

Anton Chuvakin said...

Wow, is this for real? You want to leave a fun world of consulting to become an in-house security pro aka "all cá cược thể thao bet365_cách nạp tiền vào bet365_ đăng ký bet365 responsibility and no power" :-) ?

Better join a vendor instead! :-)